Rooted in Nature’s Purity

When we created Virginskin, we set out to fulfill a bold promise: deliver brighter, fresher, reborn skin.

True to our heritage, we sourced our exclusive, proprietary botanical blend from the purity of Provence. Sustainably sourced, these precious extractions were just the beginning. Back in the lab, the pure genius of nature and science came together. The results were extraordinary. By combining our cocktail of provençal botanicals with potent, clinically proven actives, Virginskin revitalizes and strengthens your skin barrier health, revealing exceptionally youthful and iridescent skin.

See brighter, fresher, reborn skin…from the very first drop.

Included at double the active level, Niacinamide optimizes skin health and helps protect from environmental damage, brighten the complexion, unify skin tone and fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It has the ability to strengthen the skin barrier, fortifying against trans-epidermal water loss that leads to dehydration.