Our Story (Draft)

Virginskin’s mission is to provide dermatologist skincare without a prescription, giving you a radiant glow and lasting confidence in your skin.

Virginskin was born through the pioneering vision of New York Dermatologist Dr. Albert Lefkovits.

Dr. Albert Lefkovits awoke each day with a singular commitment: to brighten the lives of his patients by sparking confidence in their skin. Dr. Lefkovits created Virginskin through his deep knowledge of botanical actives and their benefits in treating skin conditions. Harnessing these insights, he developed a cream that could firm, plump, and smooth the skin to the high standards he and his patients demanded. His original formula was a breakthrough and essential to the skin health of his patients, New Yorkers who loved their remarkable glow.

Virginskin is dermatologist skincare without a prescription that works immediately to restore skin health and build confidence in your skin...more and more each day. Over time, you’ll see a rebirth in the look and feel of your skin, with youthfulness reawakened before your eyes – and a more beautiful version of you reflected in the mirror.

Each and every day, we draw inspiration from Dr. Lefkovits’ devoted care of women and men of all ages, from all walks of life – from New York and beyond.

With origins in the dermatologist office, we founded Virginskin to deliver the finest dermatological skincare for everyone.